Top Ten Peru Classic Adventures

Amazon: Where the Wild Things Are
By Rob Rachowiecki

Sloths, colorful macaws, and screaming monkeys, all in a forest so dense the floor gets almost no light: That's why you'll want to visit the Amazon—and stay. The rainforest itself covers more than half of Peru's area, but you'll likely take trips from Iquitos and Puerto Maldonado (reached by air from Lima). Shack up in a jungle lodge, either rustic-but-comfortable (electric lights and hot showers) or basic (thatched roofs and candles). Or go by boat from Iquitos on large vessels with private cabins or small motor canoes, which can take you to campsites like Manu National Park, near Puerto Maldonado. However you go, make sure you bring binoculars-those jungle critters can be hard to see.


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