Top Ten Central America Classic Adventures

Dive Bay Islands: Honduras
By Ron Mader & Richard Mahler

The Western Hemisphere's longest coral reef: It sounds impressive, but nothing can prepare you for actually exploring this 185-mile-long underwater paradise. Stretching from the Yucatan down through offshore Belize to Honduras, the Great Maya Reef system is second only to Australia's Great Barrier Reef in size. And the fish and coral will open your eyes to colors and shapes you've never seen. Doing it is easy: just hop over to the islands of Roatan, Guanaja, or Utila and sign up with a dive shop. These Bay Islands make diving as easy and user-friendly as riding a bike, whether you're wet behind the ears or a regular Jacques Cousteau. Roatan's your best bet, though it's the most crowded island. Utila's reefs are less spectacular than Roatan's, but this island offers some of the lowest prices for scuba diving anywhere in the world, as well scuba lessons. If you're coming to the Bay Islands to dive, consider staying in one of the several top-notch dive resorts that offer complete packages with meals and two boat dives a day.


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