Top Ten Central America Classic Adventures

Birding at Copan Ruins: Honduras
By Ron Mader & Richard Mahler

Attention, birders: It's true that most people come to the town of Copan for the Mayan ruins, a spectacular sight worth the effort of getting here. But while you can't overlook the ruins, Copan's birding is amazing. And one guide has developed a knack for giving avid birdwatchers and naturalists the chance to see tropical birds such as the quetzal, the trogon, and the toucan in their natural habitat.

You'll also search for the motmot and its pendulous tail feathers. The Mayan word for motmot is Xukpi, so Xukpi Tours is the logical place to start. Jorge Barraza, who runs Xukpi, will loan you a pair of binoculars, put you in the back of his blue Samurai, lead you up muddy mountain paths, drag you up waterfalls (he always carries rope), and show you as many of those 300 species as possible.


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