The Galapagos Islands

Readings and References
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* Highly recommended.
** May be available only in Quito at Libri Mundi Book Shop.

Beebe, William Galapagos: World's End. New York: Dover Publications, 1924. The romantic account of a scientific expedition sponsored by the New York Zoological Society.

Crow, John. The Epic of Latin America. Third Edition, 1980. A big book on a big topic, but you can pick and choose the chapters.

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Grant, Peter R. Ecology and Evolution of Darwin's Finches. Princeton University Press, 1986.

Green Clive. Birding Ecuador. Available through the American Birding Association. A guide to the top birding spots around Ecuador, including bird lists for each.

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Hilty, Steven L., and William L. Brown A Guide to the Birds of Colombia, Princeton University Press, 1986. Until there's a guide to Ecuador, this is the one to use.

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*Miller, Tom. The Panama Hat Trail. New York: Vintage Books, 1986. About the only book around that gives you a glimpse of the life and times of modern Ecuador.

Nelson, Bryan. Galapagos: Islands of Birds. New York: William Morrow. All about the life and times of the sea birds of Galapagos.

Patzett, Erwin. Fauna del Ecuador. Quito: Banco Central del Ecuador, 1988. Only available in Quito, and as you may have noticed, in Spanish. But it's all there is at the moment on the animals of the area.

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