Fly Fishing the Texas Coast

West Bay (North Shoreline)

Jones Bay

Jones Bay, more commonly known as Jones Lake, is located near the north end of the Galveston Island causeway bridge. It is a good choice when high winds blow out other West Bay shorelines. Anglers tend to pass up this site, but the fishing can be excellent here in fall and winter months, as the bay is sheltered from north winds. It is easy to get to by walking up the railroad tracks near Fat Boy's Marina, off I-45 on the north side of the causeway bridge. There are places to park at Tubby's Crossing, near the bridge. The best time to wade this area is on a strong incoming tide when you can sometimes see fish moving in.

At the John Mecom Marina and Subdivision, located west of Jones Bay near Mecom's Cut, there is a series of 100-yard-long and 12-foot-deep levees. Mecom's Cut is a good winter venue that draws fish off the Intracoastal Waterway. The banks are high, offering protection from stiff winds in the dead of winter, and the water is relatively deep.

Green's Lake is another good West Bay choice when there are high winds. A small cut runs from Green's Lake to the upper shoreline of West Bay. Fish are caught in the cut and on the open bay in front of the cut. Cast Deceivers and Clousers near schools of baitfish. Look for trout slicks-the large, oil-like slick finish on the surface of the water created by feeding trout regurgitating baitfish. The slicks give off the odor of fresh watermelon. Driftfishing with a shooting head and a stripping basket is a good tactic here. A drawback for flyfishers is that the area gets mentioned in newspaper fishing reports frequently and often draws a crowd.

Nearby Alligator Head offers good wadefishing for trout and reds around the spoil banks lining the Intracoastal Waterway. It is located on the north shoreline of West Bay, just east of the mouth of Chocolate Bay.


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