Fly Fishing the Texas Coast

Matagorda Bay: Powderhorn Lake Area

Veteran flyfisher Jerry Loring puts Powderhorn Lake in the"sleeper" category. The treacherous shell banks and oil field structure around this lake require cautious navigation, but when the lake holds clear water, in the summer and fall, it draws good numbers of redfish. The north and south shorelines can be waded.

The east pocket of Powderhorn Lake has submerged grass beds and is protected from south and southeast winds. The north shoreline of the pocket is wadable, with a hard, sand bottom. Access points include Indianola Fishing Center and Powderhorn Recreation.

The Powderhorn Ranch shoreline, between Powderhorn Lake and Port O'Connor, offers excellent fly fishing for trout, redfish, and flounder. It is wadable over submerged grass, and it is protected from most winds, including strong south and southeast ones. From Port O'Connor, the shoreline is best accessed by kayak or boat due to the deep bayou just south of the Ranch shoreline. Anglers can put in from a number of Port O'Connor launch ramps.


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