Fly Fishing the Texas Coast

Matagorda Bay: Matagorda Bay (West)

Parker's Cut

Once an opening on the Colorado River that provided access to Matagorda Bay, Parker's Cut has been sealed with an earthen dam. This protected area with light boat traffic contains a number of attractive bayous, flats, and drop-offs. Trout, redfish, and flounder hold along the shorelines, the bayou mouths, and the edges of the deeper channels. Although murky, off-color water is the rule over the mud and shell bottoms at the opening to Matagorda Bay west of Parker's Cut, there are pockets of clear water along the shoreline from Zipprian Bayou to Long Bayou.

Look for Parker's Cut on the right across the Colorado River as you travel by vehicle down Farm Road 2031, which runs along the east bank of the Colorado River toward the Gulf beach. Kayakers can park on the side of the road, paddle across the river to the cut, and with two or more people, portage a short distance to access the deep, clear channels and bayous that lie along West Bay's eastern shoreline.

North Shoreline

The north shoreline of Matagorda Bay is another attractive wadefishing locale. Trout and redfish hold on mud and sand bottoms along the shorelines, near reefs, and in coves. There is little submerged grass here, however, and water clarity during much of the year is sandy to muddy; but in the early spring and late fall when the water temperature is still cool, the water clears up, offering good sightcasting opportunities.


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