Fly Fishing the Texas Coast

Matagorda Bay: South Shoreline

The stretch of Matagorda Bay's southern shoreline from the Pipeline to Airport Flats, which includes Fat's Bayou and Green's Bayou, offers a rich mix of prime habitat for redfish, trout, black drum, flounder, and sheepshead. Flyfishers will find ideal wading and sightcasting opportunities for these species over expansive grass flats, sandbars, oyster beds, channels, submerged cuts, bayou mouths, and finger islands. The submerged grass bottoms along this stretch of shoreline provide prime habitat for gamefish. Look for fish holding in cuts and depressions and cruising fish over sandbars and grass flats. Anchor or stake out skiffs and wadefish shorelines and bayous.

In addition to redfish, trout, black drum, sheepshead, and flounder, jack crevalle in the 10- to 12-pound range occasionally pursue baitfish up on the edges of these shallow flats, with their big pectoral fins stretched out like outriggers.

Waders can walk well back into creek channels that cut deep into the peninsula to a point where you can hear the surf pounding on the Gulf beach side. Clouser Deep Minnow patterns or other flies with lead or bead chain eyes will take trout and flounder in the deeper channels and guts. There is a rich mix of forage fish, shrimp, blue crabs, and fiddler crabs along these channels and estuaries that constantly draws gamefish to this West Matagorda Bay shoreline.

It takes about 40 minutes, traveling by boat at about 30 mph, to reach this shoreline from marinas on the Colorado River at Matagorda, Texas. A shallow-draft, tunnel-drive or scooter-type flats skiff is required to negotiate the shallow, hard sand bottoms and oyster bars along many of these shorelines.

The Bulkhead, a breakwater feature, is located on the north shoreline of the Matagorda Peninsula near an abandoned military installation. Behind the Bulkhead is a small flat that frequently draws tailing redfish at sunrise. The Bulkhead is accessible by boat from launch ramps and marinas at Port O'Connor.

The stretch of shoreline from the South Jetty Pocket to Decros Point on the inside of the Matagorda Peninsula offers prime fly-fishing habitat with submerged grass beds and hard sand bottoms. It is a major path for gamefish moving in from the Gulf at Pass Cavallo, the Matagorda ship channel and jetties. This shoreline is accessible by boat from launch ramps and marinas at Port O'Connor.


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