Fly Fishing the Texas Coast

Matagorda Bay: Palacios - Port Lavaca Area

Tres Palacios Bay

Across Tres Palacios Bay from Palacios, on the bay's eastern shoreline, is a good wadefishing area that extends from the Collegeport community to Oyster Lake. There is no grass here, but shell bars are numerous. This shoreline is protected and holds clear water on a south or southeast wind. In the winter the plankton blooms subside, the water cools, and the sediments settle out very fast. From November through February, use uniform-density lines or shooting tapers to present flies to seatrout holding in deeper holes. Blindcasting in fairly shallow water along the shoreline is also productive in the winter. To reach this fishery, drive to downtown Palacios and step right off the seawall. Cast around the edges of shell bars.

The shoreline near Palaciosfrom Palacios Point to Hotel Pointis also a good wadefishing area. Flyfishers can walk in or access the site by skiff or kayak from the public boat launch near Palacios Bayou.

Also near Palacios is Turtle Bay, one of several small bay systems opening off Matagorda Bay. Turtle Bay is accessible by road, and flyfishers can walk in and wadefish, or put in a johnboat or kayak at the public ramp near Jensen Point. Water along this shore clears on light southeasterly or northerly winds.

Also accessible by road is the shoreline near the Perry R. Bass Research Station. Flyfishers can walk in to wade this area or launch a johnboat or kayak from Turtle Bay public launch ramp or marinas on Carancahua Bay. The cropped grass beds hold trout, redfish, flounder, and black drum. Parks and Wildlife Department biologists at the nearby research station confirm this as a quality fishery with regular sampling surveys.

Carancahua Bay

Located on the western shoreline near the mouth of Carancahua Bay are Salt Lake and Redfish Lake, two shallow tidal lakes that offer excellent wadefishing opportunities when they hold clear water. Salt Lake tends to be clearer and less boggy than its neighbor. These lakes can be accessed from nearby roads or by boat from the mouth of Carancahua Bay on the north end of Matagorda Bay. The nearest marina for launching skiffs and flats boats is at Ike's Bait Camp on Carancahua Bay.

Also close by are Houston Point and the Garret Reef area. Under favorable wind conditions, these features on Carancahua Bay offer an attractive option for fly fishing. You can drive to the shoreline and launch a kayak or walk in and wadefish. The area offers wadable bottoms that hold clear water around scattered shell reefs.


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