Fly Fishing the Texas Coast

Black's Reef Area

Galveston fly-fishing guide Chris Phillips calls the Black's Reef area, a shoreline that includes Little Pasture Cove and Marsh Point Flats on the East Bay side of the Bolivar Peninsula near Rollover Pass, one of the best East Bay spots for taking large trout on fly tackle. Phillips recalls one fall trip when he and another flyfisher began seeing big trout cruising the area. They had to leave because there were too many other boats fishing the site. When they returned later in the afternoon, they found that the trout were still there but the boats were gone."Everybody had left, but wading in the shallow water, we caught two 6-pound trout and missed some other huge fish that were cruising along the shoreline. It was like fishing Baffin Bay, with white sand bottoms up against the bank where you could sightcast," Phillips said.

Prime fly-fishing destinations in the Black's Reef area include Big Pasture Bayou, Sun Oil Lakes, and Rollover Pass's East Bay shoreline. The Sun Oil Cut once provided access to the shorelines along the Sun Oil Lakes, but it has been dammed up at both ends. Today you can reach these boggy lakes via Big Pasture Bayou. This is excellent redfish habitat, but the boggy bottom requires access with a kayak or small, shallow-draft skiff.

A short run across the Intracoastal Waterway in a johnboat or kayak also provides flyfishers access to prime wadefishing along the East Bay shoreline of Rollover Pass.

Black's Reef is located north of the Intracoastal Waterway and can be accessed by johnboat, kayak, or flats skiff from Lauderdale Public Boat Ramp near Rollover Pass.

Sievers Cut, below Elm Grove Point, is another good location for fly fishing that is accessible by boat. Around the corner from Sievers Cut are several remote tidal lakes that hold redfish. The shorelines along the high bluff area at the back end of East Bay also hold good numbers of trout and redfish.


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