Fly Fishing the Texas Coast

Ostermeyer Bayou

Ostermeyer Bayou, another productive West Bay feature just west of Jumbile Cove, is a good winter fly-fishing destination, but anglers must share it with hunters during duck season, which typically runs from late October through mid-January. This bayou can also be reached by boat or kayak from launch ramps at Sea Isle or Jamaica Beach subdivisions.

Bird Island Cove offers a number of backcountry bayous that hold redfish, flounder, and trout but are virtually inaccessible to most boats and waders. The bottom is boggy, and most anglers settle for fishing the mouth of the cove. Prime areas can be reached by poling a johnboat or paddling a kayak into the back bayous. Maggie's Cove, a narrow, bayou-like feature just to the northeast of Bird Island Cove, also draws redfish and flounder and is ideal for flyfishers in small, flat-bottomed boats or kayaks.

Snake Island and Snake Island Cove, located just east of the Sea Isle development, are good features in which to prospect in fall and spring. In addition to shorelines and flats, there are tidal lakes along the cove that are not shown on local fishing maps. These are boggy and inaccessible to anglers traveling by boat, but kayaks work well here. Flyfishers should also work the point, a good ambush area for trout and redfish that is 5 or 6 feet deep. To access this area launch a boat or a kayak from the Sea Isle development.

The canal area behind Cold Pass Marina on Termini-San Luis Pass Road on Galveston Island is an excellent winter trout destination and is also good in the early morning and late afternoon in the summer. In winter the deep water in the canal can attract and hold large trout."You don't even get your feet wet," says Galveston fly-fishing guide Chris Phillips. "You can almost cast across it." For kayakers, this area also offers a variety of fish-holding features including a boat channel and several spoil islands.

The Treatment Plant Flats, an access point to West Bay wadefishing near San Luis Pass, offer excellent sightcasting prospects over firm bottoms. These broad flats attract crowds of wadefishers, but most walk out into deeper water. Flyfishers should not pass up the sightcasting opportunities in calf-deep water along the shoreline. The flat draws a lot of baitfish activity and offers protection to flycasters from strong southeast winds.

To get to this broad expanse of West Bay flats and shoreline, turn right off Termini-San Luis Pass Road at the water treatment station before you get to the Vacek Bridge. Proceed down the graveled road to the parking lot next to the treatment plant. About 200 yards off the parking lot is walk-in access to the bay.


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