Top Ten Global Fly-Fishing Spots

The Silver King: Rio Colorado, Costa Rica
By Jorgen Wouters

Trout fishermen generally consider anything under ten inches to be a baby; fun to catch, but barely worth mentioning. Tarpon fishermen, on the other hand, consider anything under ten pounds to be a baby. Tarpon, a prehistoric-looking whale of a fish, didn't earn the name "Silver King" for nothing. Hundred-pound Tarpon are common, and leviathans pushing 200 pounds have been hooked. Sheathed in an iridescent suit of scaly armor, these brawny fish rule the flats, and the waters off Costa Rica are among the best places to connect with one of these monsters.

Schools of tarpon numbering in the thousands cruise the coast near the mouth of the celebrated Rio Colorado. Despite their jaw-dropping size (we're talking fish with heads bigger than yours), tarpon take to the air when hooked, and few thrills rival that of 150 pounds of angry tarpon shooting out of the water like a trident missile, only to come crashing down again with a salty roar. Better do some curls before you go, because you'll be hurling flies at a dinosaur of a fish that feels more like freight train on the end of your line.


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