Snappin' Critters

Six-Mile Cypress Slough Preserve

The best way to get close to animals is with a photo blind, something that's furnished for you on this 1.2-mile boardwalk trail overlooking a natural animal corridor. In addition, there are two observation towers to enhance your view of these 2,000 acres located just south of Ft. Myers.

In the traditional dry season from October to June, you'll find lots of animals concentrated around the so-called flag ponds: wood storks, snowy and great egrets, white ibis, and tri-colored herons. Year-round you might find ubiquitous gators, wild turkeys, raccoons, skinks and gray squirrels. Pileated woodpeckers and red-shouldered hawks are seen fairly often.

To locate the slough, take exit 22 off I-75 south of Ft. Myers and go west one-half mile to Six Mile Parkway. Turn left (south) and go three miles to Penzance Crossing. Turn left onto Penzance; the preserve is another tenth of a mile on the right. Call the county park office at (941) 432-2004 for complete information.

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