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Across the country, in Loon Lake, Washington, James and Joeth Whitney are enjoying the season with their twin baby girls, Cassidy and Madison.

"Our favorite fall activity is watching the season take shape," says their mom, Joeth. "We're fortunate that we live in the woods and can enjoy it without venturing too far from home.

"We load up the girls in the Baby Jogger everyday and take a bumpy walk through the woods. Although most of the trees are pines, we do enjoy splashes of color from the tamaracks and cottonwoods. If we're lucky, we'll catch a glimpse of the neighborhood deer darting through the trees or wild turkeys gobbling about.

"I suppose if we're unlucky we'll run into the black bear that visits the area every fall-luckily we haven't encountered him this year. Since Cassidy and Madison are barely nine months old, I'm not sure what they think, but when they're fussy, they quiet down as soon as I put them in the stroller."

Hit the Beach
Of course, not everyone has foliage at which to peep. And even New Englanders sometimes need a change of pace.

Kendra Krathkiewicz just returned from a trip to Cape Cod with Arcadia.

"With the crowds gone," she says, "you can have the stunning beachscapes nearly to yourself."

She and Arcadia recommend a full itinerary:

* It's still warm enough to enjoy a barefoot walk along the water's edge in search of that perfect shell or rock, and there's even room to unwind and fly a kite. Hiking and biking trails abound.
* You still have time to hop aboard a whale watching trip to catch the last, frenzied feedings of the humpbacks and others before they depart for warmer waters. (You can even do a little frenzied seafood eating of your own.)
* Climbing the Pilgrim Monument in Provincetown, and perusing the associated museum is a great way to set a course toward the Thanksgiving holidays. This is, after all, where the Pilgrims "really" first landed, found fresh water, had their first wash day and their first encounter with the natives before they moved on to Plymouth.
* On your way home, stop off at the Cape Cod Canal and savor the last moments of your trip, watching the sailboats, ferries, tugs, and barges heading off on their own adventures.

Published: 28 Apr 2002 | Last Updated: 15 Sep 2010
Details mentioned in this article were accurate at the time of publication


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