Top Ten Reef Dives

Diving of Biblical Proportions: The Red Sea, Egypt

The coast along the Red Sea is truly spectacular—desert, rift valleys with mountains, and geological faults. The underwater topography mirrors this dramatic landscape, with deep trenches and isolated sea mounts with drop-offs and walls over 900 feet in places.

There are two differentiating factors that put this diving destination on the map as one of the best. First, near-zero rainfall means little fresh water runs off from the surrounding deserts and, consequently, there is unbelievable visibility all year round. Second, most coral species present are photosynthetic and, therefore, more colorful than those in other tropical areas.

Temps are often colder than other spots, so a dry suit is necessary. But the extra gear is worth it. These depths are host to over a thousand species of fish and coral. Combine this with the amazing subsurface terrain and there’s no doubt you will experience some of the best underwater sites on the planet.


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