A Day Out of Denver

The best day trips and overnighters from Colorado's Mile High City
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Denver and the Colorado Rockies
ESCAPE PLAN: Denver and the Colorado Rockies, where adventure awaits (Steve Crecelius/courtesy, Denver Metro CVB)

Some cities are doubly blessed. They are A-list destinations with a wealth of attractions and they're surrounded by communities with unique appeal of their own. Denver is one such place. Rising from the spot where windswept plains meet the sky-piercing Rocky Mountains, it is an urban jewel in a wildly dramatic landscape. For adventurers, Denver is base camp with quick access to challenging slopes, peaks, trails, roads, and rivers. But the Queen City of the Plains and its neighbors are hardly one-dimensional. Arts, history, golf, fine dining—these, too, are part of the appeal of Denver and surrounding areas that entice day-trippers with a surprising variety of experiences. Read on to discover eight great ideas for the perfect day trip or overnighter from your Denver base, sorted in order of proximity.


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