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Denver's Professional Sports
By Linda Collison & Bob Russell

Denver is one of the few cities in the country with a team in each of the four major professionalteam sports, and many children follow one or more of them avidly. Taking your kids to see theBroncos, Rockies, Nuggets, or Avalanche is neither cheap nor culturally uplifting, but it's an experience most will enjoy, even if they don't watch the entire game.

A Colorado Rockies baseball game is our first choice, especially for younger children. Tickets foralmost every game are available if purchased a few days in advance and are moderately priced. Weusually get ours at a King Soopers grocery store. Families on a tight budget should consider seatsin the center-field bleachers, the"Rockpile"; they're sold on game day only, and tickets forchildren cost only a dollar. The crowds at Coors Field are enthusiastic but seldom inebriated orobscene (those who are are quickly ejected). The ballpark itself is clean, well designed, and loaded with amenities. And if you get to the park early, there's a chance of talking to a player or gettingan autograph or two during batting practice.

If your son or daughter is an avid fan, consider taking a tour of the field or signing up for theRockies Rookies Kids Fan Club — the membership fee is modest — and includesinvitations to a party at Coors Field and a baseball clinic given by members of the Rockies.

Unless your wife's cousin's niece happens to be Pat Bowlen's secretary, it's not easy to get ticketsto see the Broncos, but if the opportunity arises, take your children to see them — you'll be ahero. Be aware, however, that the crowds tend to be extremely spirited at a Broncos game, the game itself can be quite intense, and the weather is sometimes unpleasant or worse, so theexperience might not be much fun for a younger child.

The Broncos offer tours of their training facility during the season, generally on Tuesday andFriday afternoons. Call for reservations. Practices during the season are all business, so there's nochance to meet the players or get autographs. The best opportunity for this is at the Broncos' training camp in Greeley.

If one of your outdoor winter experiences gets weathered out, a Nuggets or Avalanche game might be a fun alternative, especially since smoking is banned at McNichols Arena.

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