Top Ten U.S. Caves

Don't Mess with Texas: Caverns of Sonora, Texas

National Speleological Society founder Bill Stephenson once said, "The beauty of the Caverns of Sonora cannot be exaggerated . . . not even by a Texan!" This complex labyrinth is lined with sparkling speleothems - the floors, walls, and ceilings of many passages are completely bedecked, drawing comparisons to the inside of a crystal-lined geode.

Many of the mineral formations found in the Caverns of Sonora are intricately layered: Stalactites hang from calcite wall crusts, helictites branch off the stalactites, coral covers the helictites, and soda straws drip from the coral and helictite tips onto flowstone, stalagmites, and coral trees below. The cave is still active, with over 90 percent of the cave forming new crystals. The major decorated area of the cave was discovered in 1955 by a group of Dallas spelunkers - who kept their incredible find a secret. The Caverns of Sonora opened to the public in 1960.

Just the Facts
Open: All year

Cave temperature: 71° Fahrenheit year-round

Location: Southern Texas near Sonora, in Sutton County

For more information: Call Caverns of Sonora at (915) 387-3105 or visit



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