Top Ten France Classic Adventures

Cave in the Vercors
By Patricia Ochs

The region of the Vercors, with Grenoble as its northern boundary and Die in the south, is a dynamite limestone upland with spectacular crags and deep gorges. It contains marvelous caves, the most famous of which, the Gouffre Berger, was the first discovered to plunge deeper than 3,280 feet (1,000 meters). But much more awaits the experienced caver. The Grotte de Gournier is a magnificent river cave with cascades and deep pools, the waters of which are clear blue and very cold. You need a boat and wet suit here. And don't miss the Trou Qui Souffle (the "hole that blows"), named for the chill winds that blow through it, a difficult journey that takes you three hours and winds up at Saints de Glace.


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