Top Ten Brazil Off-the-Beaten-Path Adventures

Rappel Waterfall-Filled Caverns
By Shawn Blore

Brazil lacks much in the way of mountains, and because it's so hard to head up, Brazilians go down, rappelling down canyons either next to or completely immersed in cascading waterfalls. Called canyoning, this is one of the hottest new sports in a country newly obsessed with the outdoors. One of the spots locals favor is the Parque Nacional Chapada dos Veadeiros, located in the northern highlands of the state of Goias. Source of both the Tocantins and Parana rivers, Chapada dos Veadeiros is known for its pristine water courses and its waterfalls. Also present are armadillos, giant anteaters, and wolves.

But the chief attractions for rapellers are the waterfalls. Located in the eastern part of the park, the Cachoeira da Agua Fria is particularly popular. From the top, the views are stunning in all directions. Set your anchors, toss over the rope, and go for it. As you glide, jerk, or slowly creep your way down, you'll have only the rush of water and the sparkle of countless quartz crystals for company.


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