Top Eight Sea Kayaking Hot Spots

East: Down East Islands (Maine)

The smooth, serene coast of Maine offers 920 miles of some of the most rugged shorelines in the Atlantic seaboard with hidden coves, cobble beaches, and dramatic headlands. The offshore wildlife is abundant as well with nesting endangered and common seabirds. The Down East Islands in particular is the place to slice your kayak through—each of the 255 islands offer unique charm and character. Expect unpredictability and risk at this prime destination as tides severely fluctuate, fog can engulf you at a moments notice and there is always the chance of hypothermia if you happen to fall in the frigid waters. Nevertheless, the peace and calm that sweeps over you as you silently glide by classic lighthouses hidden by the dense fog, or meditate to the trance of the lapping waves is unforgettable.


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