Top Ten Global Fly-Fishing Spots

Lunker Brook Trout: Labrador, Canada
By Jorgen Wouters

If you want to experience the best fishing anywhere for America's most storied native trout, you have to go to Canada. The beloved brookie (or speckled trout or square tail) was the first trout encountered by colonists on these shores some 400 years ago. Brook trout (char actually, but who cares?) have long been celebrated as much for their taste as their dazzling good looks. But loss of habitat, an overwillingness to take a fly, and competition from the imported brown trout relegated most American brookies to small streams and small sizes.

But far to the north in Labrador, it's still possible to catch football-size brook trout. This remote, unspoilt region, perched on the eastern tip of Canada, is overrun with countless rivers bursting with big, fat, beautiful brookies. The Minipi River system in particular regularly coughs up square tails between three and eight pounds (remember, we're talking about Brook Trout), and record-setting monsters pushing ten pounds have been hooked in these waters. What are you waiting for?


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