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By Mark Harris
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If there are two possible routes, we've listed the scenic first. That's just the kind of folks we are . . .

From New Mexico

Scenic and windy: Driving from the east on I-40 in New Mexico, there is a dramatic shelf cut. Before reaching Grants, turn south on Route 117 until reaching Quemado. Head west on Route 60, through Springerville. Four miles outside of Springerville, turn north on Routes 180/191.

Direct and simple: The more direct, but longer route from the east on I-40 is to continue on through to Arizona, turning south on Route 191 at Sanders, through to St. Johns.

From Tucson

Driving from the South from Tucson, take Route 89 north to Route 60. Driving from the east or west on I-10, there is the option on taking Route 666 North. This is a beautiful drive, but slower.

From Phoenix

Scenic routes: The most scenic drive from the Phoenix area, and the easiest access from the Phoenix airport is through the Salt River Canyon. Take the Superstition Highway (I-360) through Globe, then north on Route 60. This is about a 4 1/2 hour drive. Another beautiful route—Route 87 through Payson, then Route 960 to Showlow. Some highway construction may slow you down either of these ways.

Direct routes: The most direct route from the Phoenix area is to take I-17 north to Flagstaff, then I-40 east to Holbrook. From Holbrook, pick up 180 East to St. Johns. Then south on 191/180 approximately 16 miles.

From the West

From the west, it's 1-40 through Flagstaff, I-10 to Phoenix, or I-8 from Yuma. Fast and simple.

For more information call (520)333-5857.

If You Want to Read More:

  • "Talking Pots", deciphering the symbols of a prehistoric people, James R. Cunkle $19.95
  • "Treasures of Time", A guide to prehistoric ceramics of the southwest, James R. Cunkle $14.95
  • "Development of the Katsina Cult", Charles Adams $13.95
  • "Spider Woman Stories", G. M. Mullett $ 9.50
  • "Dictionary of Prehistoric Indian Artifacts of the American SW", Franklin Barnett $12.95
  • "Pages from Hopi History", Harry James $12.95
  • "Arrowheads and Stone Artifacts", C. C. Yeager $11.95
  • "Canyon Country Prehistoric Indians", Barnes and Pendleton $ 7.50
  • "American Indians of the Southwest", Dulton $15.95
  • "Anasazi ruins of the Southwest in Color", Ferguson/Woodbury $29.95
  • "Rock Art in New Mexico", Polly Schaafsma $29.95
  • "Indian Rock art of the Southwest", Polly Schaafsma $29.95
  • "Indians", William Brandon $10.95
  • "American Indians Myths and Legends", Richard Erdoes/Alfonso Ortuz $16.95
  • "Zuni Folktales", Frank Hamilton Cushing $15.95
  • "Zuni", Frank Hamilton Cushing $11.95

These excellent books provide an overview of southwest prehistory. Some are accounts by early ethnographers whose stories and legends from the Zuni and Hopi Indians (who are the best candidates as the ancestors of the prehistoric cultures under research) provide an insight into the lifeways of the people we are researching. All listed books can be mail ordered from White Mountain Archaeological center.

Published: 29 Apr 2002 | Last Updated: 15 Sep 2010
Details mentioned in this article were accurate at the time of publication


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