Best of Boulder, Colorado

Kelty Summit
High-fashion fanny pack (Kelty)

Boulder Convention and Visitors Bureau
2440 Pearl Street

Where to Stay

Millennium Harvest House Boulder
Besides possessing all the standard hotel amenities—attentive service, heated pool, thick towels, cable TV—the Millennium happens to sit near the foot of the Rocky Mountains. After a long day of Boulder adventure, relax on the patio and enjoy a room with a serious view.

Contact information: Millennium Harvest House Boulder, 1345 28th Street, 800-545-6285,

Hotel Boulderado
The aptly named Hotel Boulderado (a combination of Boulder and Colorado, so you'll never forget where you stayed) is a national historic landmark. This Victorian-style luxury hotel offers modern amenities and a convenient location—it's the only full-service hotel downtown, just one block from the Pearl Street Pedestrian Mall.

Contact information: Hotel Boulderado, 2115 13th Street, 800-433-4344,

Essential Gear

1. Protect your skin from the elements, i.e. Boulder's hot sun and high altitude. Non-greasy, herbal-based sunscreens from local skincare company Everybody, Ltd., will help keep your skin burn-free now and wrinkle-free in the future.

Contact information: Everybody, Ltd., 1738 Pearl St., 303-440-0188

2. Along with good sun protection, it's essential to keep your body happy and hydrated with plenty of water. Tapped and bottled just eight miles from Boulder, the award-winning, chemical-free water from Eldorado Artestian Springs is filtered naturally through layers of sandstone.

Contact information: Eldorado Artesian Springs, 303-499-1316,

3. What better way to keep a GORP reader's energy (and blood sugar) level high than with a bag of G.O.R.P? Pick up some Mountain Man trail mix—a fresh and hearty mix of roasted peanuts and cashews, raisins, and chocolate—from the Boulder-based Mountain Man Nut & Fruit Co.

Contact information: Mountain Man Nut & Fruit Co., 2525 Arapahoe, 303-546-0920

4. Carry your gear in style with a Summit fanny pack from Kelty, yet another local company. This pack sits nicely on your hips—keeping your back cool and dry—and holds all your outdoor-adventure essentials.

Contact information: Kelty, 6235 Lookout Road, 800-423-2320

Published: 23 Jul 2002 | Last Updated: 15 Sep 2010
Details mentioned in this article were accurate at the time of publication


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