Adventure in Grenada

Birding from Your Bungalow

In addition to its human inhabitants, Grenada's Blue Horizons Cottage Hotel hosts many an avian guest. Located just 300 yards from Grand Anse beach, this tropical garden setting harbors up to 21 different species of birds, including Bananaquits, Antillean Crested Hummingbirds, and Bare-Eyed Thrushes.

Sunset and sunrise are prime times for bird-watching, so take a pre-breakfast or pre-dinner skulk around the grounds. If possible, try to hit the end of the dry season (around May), when the foliage is less dense and the birds are easier to spot. You can pick up a small pamphlet detailing calls, descriptions, habits, etc., from the hotel.

One species you won't see around Blue Horizons is the endangered Grenada Dove; it's estimated that less than 70 individuals are left. If you're hardy enough to wait out for these elusive birds, head for Mount Hartman Reserve near Grand Anse.

For Blue Horizons room rates and reservations, call (473) 444-4316 or visit them on the Web at


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