Top Ten Japan Off-the-Beaten-Path Adventures

Singletrack it on Okinawa
By Brent Madison

When you're done monkeying around in Okinawa's cool waters, sling yourself atop a mountain bike and explore Japan in all of its tropical splendor. The southern island features animal and plantlife that will keep you as interested in your passing environment as the trail itself. You'll find yourself streaking through sugarcane one moment and ducking jungle vines the next.

Fancy some advanced singletrack? Ask local shops to point you to the Spider Loop—about four and a half miles north of U.S. Kadena Air Base on Route 58—for a technical ride. Considered one of the best rides by local gearheads, the loop consists of several short trails, each with a distinct personality. If you've tried the Spider and want more, go for La Luge Bypass, which parallels Route 58. Prepare yourself for a challenging downhill with jungle, slick roots, and dangerous drop-offs. Quick turns and certain spills keep the locals coming back. Regardless of where you decide to spin your wheels, don't forget that the ocean is always nearby for a victory plunge.


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