Top Ten Global Fly-Fishing Spots

Bonefishing Bonanza: Turneffe Atoll, Belize
By Jorgen Wouters

Bonefish rank among the most difficult of fish to catch on a fly, but the rewards are enormous. The bend of the rod and scream of the reel as a bonefish sprints across the emerald flats at light-speed explains why anglers trot the globe in search of this matchless thrill. And Belize's Turneffe Atoll offers superb bonefish on par with anywhere else on earth. The atoll, lying about 30 miles offshore, harbors picturesque cays sheltering endless shoals of fish.

Skittish bonefish prowl these emerald waters in schools that sometimes number more than 300. They average about three pounds, and can tip the scales at more than ten pounds. But the odds are stacked against you, since these fish are perfectly camouflaged in the shallowest of water, bolt at the slightest provocation, and don't suffer amateur anglers gladly. Be prepared to fish far off and fine, with a capital "F". But if you do manage to hook into one of these silvery torpedoes, hang on for the ride of your life and pray the fish gives up before your backing runs out.


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