Top Ten Turkey Classic Adventures

Fly Over Cappadocia

It's the most eye-popping sight in Turkey: Cappadocia, at the heart of the central Anatolia region, is a wonderland of rock formations created by the eruption of ancient volcanoes. Into these rocks the locals have carved houses, churches, stables, and pigeon houses—even complete underground cities. The best way to see it all? Be up before the larks and float over Cappadocia in a hot-air balloon. What could be better than getting a bird's-eye peek at the nooks and crannies of this world-famous moonscape? The balloons drift in so low you can pick out every detail of village life—and come June you can reach out of the basket and pluck apricots straight from the trees. The longest-established balloon company, Kapadokya Balloons, flies out of Goreme. Flights cost around $230.


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