Top Ten Australia Classic Adventures

Canyoneer the Blue Mountains
By Ron Moon & Viv Moon

Mix a warm summer's day, a wet suit, rope and rappelling gear, a good dose of adventure, and a drive just a couple hours inland from Sydney, and you'll have put yourself right into a canyoneering adventure in the heart of the Blue Mountains.

Here, spawned on the great sandstone plateau that makes up the crest of the Blue Mountains, dozens of different streams have cut their way down through the rock to form an untold number of gorges, canyons, grottoes, and waterfalls. The theory is simple enough: abseil (rappel) down the waterfalls; swim or float along the quiet, still sections of the waterway till the next waterfall; repeat as necessary until you come out at the bottom of the mountain range. Some of the canyons are an easy adventure, while others can be much more demanding, mazes requiring not only technical skills and lots of experience but excellent route-finding abilities.

The allure of these trips can be felt by anyone with an adventurous heart—you'll visit dark, wet, mysterious grottoes and chasms, feel a coolness almost unthinkable up in the"real" world of summertime Sydney, and burn with the adrenaline of sheer drops and flooding, pummeling water.


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