Top Ten Spots for Experiencing Sharks

Pacific and Indian Oceans: Australia

The Land Down Under is prime territory for diving. The Great Barrier Reef and Coral Sea are arguably the best diving in the world. A cruise through Shark Alley will lead to action from the moment you enter the water until you return to the surface. White tip sharks patrol the area and are occasionally joined by gray reef sharks, cruising in from the Coral Sea. Since these species tend to be harmless unless provoked, you can swim with the big boys and save the cage for the more intimidating fish (read: great whites) down south.

Now, most rational people wouldn’t call an encounter with a great white shark “lucky,” but divers exploring the waters off Adelaide in South Australia, consider it just that. Sightings there have been declining, making a glimpse of the menacing fish a treat for underwater observers. The Australian government is finally protecting great whites, so chances of seeing one are on the rise, just not guaranteed.


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