Top Ten Australia Classic Adventures

Dive Jervis Bay
By Ron Moon & Viv Moon

We lay anchor in quiet waters close by the towering cliffs, while just 60 feet away giant swells rolled up and crashed against the basalt battlements. I slipped the regulator into my mouth, did a last quick check of vest, air gauge, and mask, then clutched my underwater camera tightly to my chest and rolled over the side. When the veil of bubbles dissipated I was floating in clear water close to the shore; before me lay a patchwork quilt of sedentary marine life—gorgonian corals, sea pens, zooanthids, and a host of other creatures, all together covering each and every nook and cranny of the underwater landscape. Fish of every shape and size orbited around me. It was easy to see why this underwater Eden, just a few hours drive south of Sydney, is such a popular dive site.

The big headlands that extend like great pincer-like arms to form Jervis Bay are a major reason behind the excellence of the diving here. The whole of the east coast of Australia is swept by a tropical current arising from the Coral Sea; these headlands jut out into this great stream of warm water and capture some of it. The warm water, accompanying tropical marine life, and clear, calm conditions make for the best diving anywhere along the southern coast.


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