Top Ten Reef Dives

A Natural Wonder: The Great Barrier Reef, Australia

Great is an understatement when referring to the Great Barrier Reef off Australia's northeast coast. It could very well be the ultimate diving experience. It is, after all, the world's largest coral reef. (You can even see it from space!) At over 1,250 miles long, the GBR, in fact, is not a single reef, but rather made up of over 2,900 individual reefs very close to each other.

Technicalities aside, there’s no denying the diving allure of this world wonder. With such a long span of reef, every creature big and small is represented here. The water is a warm 75 to 85 degrees, visibility is crystal clear, and there are enough outstanding dive sites to make you return Down Under for more.

Diving in Australia is extremely competitive so finding the type of dive trip you want at cheap prices is easy to do. Cairns in Northern Queensland is a diving mecca, and it is here that you will find the most attractive dive packages or Barrier Reef liveaboard trips.

For the maximum in sea creatures, head further out from the Great Barrier Reef deep into the Coral Sea, where you can touch whale sharksand explore the famed Yongala wreck, which many consider the best dive in the world.


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