Top Ten Caribbean Classic Adventures

Aruba: Catch a Wave
By Paris Permenter & John Bigley

Buffeted almost continuously by whistling trade winds, the tiny island of Aruba is a boardhead's paradise—it's every bit as good a place for boardsailing as Maui or the Columbia River Gorge. Factor in the sugar-sand beaches, flat waters that hover round 75 degrees throughout the year, a good number of reputable windsurfing shops and schools, and a wide array of diversions away from the beach and you have a memorable Caribbean experience. The top spots? Fisherman's Hut and Arashi. For the hardcore windsurfer, June is undoubtedly the time to go—the winter crowds have abated, the winds are rippin', and each year the Hi-Winds Pro-Am Windsurfing Contest brings in the world's best speed-sailors.


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