Top Ten Peru Classic Adventures

Colca Canyon: Go Deep
By Rob Rachowiecki

Think the Grand Canyon is deep? Ha! A few hours north of Arequipa, Colca Canyon makes Arizona's ditch look like a pothole. You'll go for the views, but you'll stay for the hospitable people who cling to their ancient farming traditions. The women are especially striking with their delicately embroidered blouses and gaily decorated straw hats. Although one- and two-day tours are available from Arequipa to "El Cruz del Condor" (the Condor's Cross), an overlook famed for frequent views of Andean condors, adventurous hikers will continue to the remote village of Cabanaconde. Here, a few rustic, family-owned hostelries will provide a bed and information about trails into the heart of the Colca.


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