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Cabin Fever - The Unsung Applications of Body Heat
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For those of us who thrive on the winter experience—the sting of cold air on our faces and snug warmth of several layers of wicking fabrics—there is a number of enjoyable ways to share the outdoors with your partner. Downhill skiing has long been a popular vacation, but there is something decidedly unromantic about chasing your loved one down the mountain at high speeds. Furthermore, unless your abilities are comparable, skiing together can be exercise in futility as the better skier constantly waits for their mate to catch up.

Far better alternatives are some of the less extreme winter endeavors—cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, even dogsledding—which are relatively easy to learn, involve a pace more conducive to conversation, and tend to include spectacular scenery and backcountry seclusion. These activities are more about appreciating the hidden wonders of the outdoors and discovering new trails through virgin snow than plunging down steeps. They offer plenty of time to stop and share hot tea or admire the landscape, but still get the blood pumping with a legitimate workout. And finally, they lead to a sense of accomplishment—of setting out an agenda for the day and executing it together, as a partnership, alone in the outdoors.

When you couple this accomplishment with a reward—say a private cabin with fireplace—it becomes clear where the payoff is after a long day on the trail. As the sun sets, and you ski into a rustic lodge in the Adirondacks, San Juans, or Sierras, your responsibilities come to an end. It's time to enjoy a home-cooked meal, compliments of your hosts, and then retire to a cabin with your mate for a long session of mutual appreciation.

Published: 28 Apr 2002 | Last Updated: 15 Sep 2010
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