Nooksack River Bellingham (iStockphoto)

Bellingham Boardwalk (iStockphoto)

Whatcom Falls Bellingham (iStockphoto)

Magic over Bellingham Bay (iStockphoto)

Taylor Dock, Bellingham, WA (iStockphoto)


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What to do in Bellingham

As befits its location between flat farmland, soaring mountains, and sweeping coastline, Bellingham is a study in contrasts. Founded more than a century ago as a marine gateway for Pacific Coast logging and mining interests, the city still hosts a large fishing fleet as well as a terminal for the Alaska Marine Ferry System. Look closer and you’ll discover a town brimming with quirky galleries, organic restaurants, and a thriving cultural scene that benefits in large part from its Western Washington University student population. Like many revitalized towns, the old warehouses and vaulted industrial HQs now lend their distinct early 20th-century charm to local eateries, bars, and stores. Naturally, Bellingham is also a haven for outdoors types, offering easy access to skiing, biking, and water activities including sea kayaking and whale-watching.

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