Trees growing by water in calm bay, Sucia Island, San Juan Islands, Washington, USA (photodisc)

Sunset over Fisherman Bay San Juan Islands (iStockphoto)

San Juan Islands Marina (iStockphoto)

Lighthouse San Juan Islands (iStockphoto)

Stuart Island Landscape San Juan Islands (iStockphoto)

Calmness in the Bay San Juan Islands (iStockphoto)

San Juan Islands in Summer (iStockphoto)

Orca breaching near the San Juan Islands, Washington (iStockphoto)

Sunset over mountain landscape San Juan Islands (Brand X Pictures)

USA, Washington, San Juan Islands, Friday Harbor, yard and harbor (Digital Vision)

Small boat moored in harbor, sunset, San Juan Islands, Washington, USA (Photodisc)


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lennie rates San Juan Islands
saw orcas on several whale watches. scenery was gorgeous! artist colonies everywhere! (bought a whole line of sea-star inspired pottery!) definitely a place to put on your bucket list! we stayed on san juan and orcas islands, and had a wonderful time.
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