Moon over Seattle, Washington skyline (Corbis)

Pike Place Market, Seattle, Washington (Seattle CVB/Tim Thompson)

Aerial view of Seattle, Washington (Corbis)

Marina and business district at dusk, Seattle, Washington (Justin Lightley/Photographer's Choice RF/Getty)

Sunset over Olympic Mountains and Puget Sound, Seattle, Washington (Paul Edmondson/PhotoDisc)

Skyline, Seattle, Washington (PhotoDisc/Hisham F Ibrahim)

Space Needle and skyline, Seattle, Washington (Corbis)

Waterfront in Seattle, Washington (Amanda Clement/Stockbyte/Getty)

Men on bench overlooking Seattle, Washington (Corbis)

View of Space Needle and downtown Seattle (torch)

Seattle, Washington (iStockphoto)

Seattle, Washington skyline at dusk (Seattle CVB)


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What to do in Seattle

Seattle is a booming metropolis with a kid sister’s unassuming attitude: Even though it’s home to some of the best culture in the nation (Seattle Symphony) and the biggest tech powerhouses (Microsoft), it’s still a place where fleece jackets far outnumber Fendi purses. It’s home to the original REI and Starbucks— ubiquitous here before Gore-Tex and Americanos were ubiquitous everywhere. Often knocked for its weather, the upside to days of rain is the lush greenery. The views of the Olympic Mountains to the west, the Cascades to the east, and Mount Rainier to the south can be mind-blowing. You can fish, hike, and canoe within the city limits, and hit world-class skiing in less than an hour. Some move for the outdoors and stay for the arts, others come for the city and stay for the mountains. Either way, Seattle’s mix is near perfect.

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Traveler Reviews of Seattle

SeattleTrvlr rates Seattle
i lived in various locations in and around the city of Seattle for 15 years before to California, and was never disappointed! It is true that the winters can be dreary, sometimes harsh. But the Spring, Summer and Fall seasons always deliver an abundance of activities, beautiful weather and a bevy of locations to visit. If you are considering a trip or planning to move to the Emerald City, you will never find another location in the US that promises so much, and more.
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Alistair rates Seattle
I enjoyed certain parts of Seattle, including the Underground Seattle tour and Pike Place Market, but overall left feeling that it was surprisingly dingy and rundown. This was a few years ago, so things may have changed, but I didn't ever feel all that comfortable in the downtown area. We never went up the Space Needle, which seemed like a huge ripoff; you can get some equally impressive views of the Space Needle, city skyline, and surrounding mountains and Puget Sound waterways from Kerry Park, a tiny little patch on the south slope of Queen Anne Hill with a killer panorama. Restaurants worth checking out include Wild Ginger (downtown) or the Agua Verde Cafe, which has an outdoor deck overlooking Portage Bay -- great for a summer cocktail!
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