What to do in Walker Lake State Recreation Area

Walker Lake is one of the last remnants of an ancient inland sea which covered much of western Nevada nearly 10,000 years ago. Walker is one of only two large natural lakes in Nevada. The 38,000-acre lake has a shoreline that varies from steep and rocky on the west side to sandy beaches on its east side. Regal Mt. Grant towers above the lake.

Walker Lake offers a nice escape from the surrounding arid climate. The Lake provides habitat for endangered Lahontan cutthroat trout. Facilities at the park include shade ramadas for gatherings and picnics, picnic tables and grills, all located along a sandy beach. For those bringing boats, the park also has a boat launch.

Walker Lake is an oasis for migratory birds including the common loon. Snow geese, white pelicans, and several species of grebe are sometimes joined by brants, harlequin ducks, and oldsquaws. Snowy plovers feed along the shoreline and American avocets and black-necked stilts wade the shallows.

Visitors to this geologically unique area have opportunities to enjoy fishing, boating, swimming, picnicking, birdwatching and viewing scenery. The park is open year- round. The Bureau of Land Management manages additional camping, picnicking and boating facilities around Walker Lake.

Walker Lake State Recreation Area is located in western Nevada, 11 miles north of Hawthorne on U.S. 95. From Fallon, take US Highway 95 south for 75 miles.

Seasonal temperatures vary greatly at the park, from hot summers to cold winters. Summer temperatures can reach 90 degrees during the day, with winter daytime temperatures only about 40 degrees.

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