What to do in Waimea Canyon State Park

Waimea Canyon State Park preserves the scenic beauty of Waimea Canyon, a deep river gorge, in the western interior of the island.

Waimea Canyon State Park preserves the Waimea River and the terrain that surrounds it beginning about six miles north of the town of Waimea. The park is a slender parcel of land that follows the river for approximately five miles. It includes a few canyon overlooks from which views of Ni'ihau Island are possible. Backcountry trails take adventurous visitors deep within the canyon for a closer look at flora and fauna. A short nature trail provides an opportunity for plant identification.

This state park provides access to a variety of recreation pursuits. Picnicking and viewing scenery top the activity list for many visitors to the park. Hiking and backpacking opportunities are also available within the park and the adjoining nature reserve. Other pursuits open to visitors include shore fishing and pig and goat hunting.

This state park is located in the western interior of Kaua'i and is accessible from Kokee and Waimea Canyon Roads.

Elevations in the park are slightly higher than those in coastal areas, therefore temperatures are somewhat cooler. Expect the average temperature to drop four degrees F with every 1,000 feet rise in elevation.

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