What to do in Wailua River State Park

Wailua River State Park incorporates the historical and natural sites on and around the Wailua River in eastern Kauai.

The boat ramp within the park provides access to the only navigable river on the island. Other highlights within the park include the remains of Malae, Holoholoku and Poliahu Heiaus. Other cultural resources include the royal birthing stones of Kaua'i and a traditional place of refuge. A riverboat cruise on the Wailua is available for an added fee.

Visitors to this site have a variety of activities to enjoy. Hiking trails lie on the northern bank of the river and traverse through the lush terrain surrounding it. Kayakers can paddle up the Wailua. Motor boats and water skiing is also permitted on the river. Exploring, photography, viewing scenery and interpreting historic sites are also popular recreation pursuits within the park.

Wailua River State Park is located on the eastern shore of Kaua'i. It is accessible from Kuhio Highway and Highway 580, which parallels the river.

The climate on Kauai varies more with the terrain than the seasons. Generally, the coastal temperature changes little throughout the year with an annual average of 74 degrees F. The higher elevations of the interior of the island includes the wettest place on earth, Mt. Waialeale. This region averages higher than 4,000 feet and receives nearly 500 inches of rain. If your planning to camp in the higher elevations of Kauai, I recommend layers and rain gear. Temperatures drop four degrees F with every 1,000 feet gained in elevation.

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