Golf Golden Horseshoe in Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia (Williamsburg Convention and Visitors Bureau)

Williamsburg Inn, Williamsburg, Virginia (Colonial Williamsburg)


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What to do in Williamsburg

The Colonial Parkway, a 23-mile corridor that captures the British colonial experience, is a must-do when visiting Williamsburg, Virginia. Cruise by scenic rolling hills, serene birch and spruce woods, and views of the James and York rivers. In these parts, spring offers blossoming wildflowers, and fall presents heavenly red, gold, and orange foliage. Watch for local wildlife, including deer, red-tail foxes, and minks. And make time for side trips to historic sites, such as Jamestown Settlement, Yorktown Victory Center, and Colonial Williamsburg. Each could be its own day trip, but it’s possible to squeeze in shorter visits, too. Learn about the Europeans, Africans, and Powhatan Indians who converged in 1600s Virginia, and board replicas of ships that sailed from England in 1607.

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MrsJBolt rates Williamsburg
I traveled to Williamsburg to complete a half-marathon that ran throughout the area. The run was extremely fun as it rambled through most of Colonial Williamsburg, passing by the period homes, horses, and such. Before the race we spent a few days exploring the area. We stayed at the nice Williamsbug Lodge which was within walking distance of the historical area & had access to the relaxing pool. My opinion, Williamsburg is a trip to do once (when you have children). You can tour the area easily within two or three days via foot or by taking the bus to different drop off points. The trip can add up though...passes must be purchased to tour the historical houses & take the shuttle, the food is extremely expensive (bring food or drive outside of the immediate area), and hotels can be expensive as well.
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