Autumn at the lake Burlington (iStockphoto)

Burlington Vermont Waterfront (iStockphoto)


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Kate rates Burlington
Burlington is not only the home of Phish and the launching pad for Ben & Jerry's Icecream back in the day, but it's a very cool, outdoorsy college town with amazing views of Lake Champlain as well as the Adirondack Mountains of NY. Church Street is the place to walk around to look in ecclectic shops but don't forget to veer off the main street and discover places like Bennington Potters for amazing coffee mugs and Fish&Chips and a craft brew at the Vermont Pub & Brewery. If you're out and about in the evening, definitely stop by the window at Nectars to get a late night round of Fries with Gravy. If you're looking for outdoor adventure, skiing and boarding is only an hour away and the mountain biking trails, sea kayaking and sailing are world class. Stop by ECHO to learn all about the lake as well as Champ, the resident lake monster.
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