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Vaughan Woods State Park is a memorial park located in the southern area of Maine along the New Hampshire state line. An exquisite historical home of the ship building Hamilton family sits on the property. The restored gardens with native plant material and fine statuary create a truly inviting atmosphere. When visiting be sure to explore the beautiful shady trails buried in the beautiful rolling hills which are lined with gorgeous, healthy woodland plants. The home itself is fenced with beautiful 9' high lilac bushes which is an incredible site and scent during the mid-May blooming season. .

Vaughan Woods State Park is a 250-acre memorial park located in the southern area of Maine along the New Hampshire state line. Sights of Salmon Falls River draw visitors each year between Memorial Day to Labor Day. Visitors enjoy walks along wooded historic paths lined with beautiful old hemlocks. Lush native woodland plants grace the hills amidst the rippling streams. A major feature is the beautifully restored 1787 Hamilton House, the fabulous healthy gardens and lovely outbuildings. Huge 9' lilac bushes line the paths around the house and gardens.

This small tucked away park is one you will not want to miss when traveling in Southern Maine. It may be a little tricky to find, but well worth the effort. The park is nestled back in a small New England river village graced with tidy clapboard houses. Vaughan Woods offers 250 acres of historic and woodland exploration. Shipbuilders first developed this site along the Salmon Falls River. Their business did not last long but their gorgeous stately 18th century home with its outbuildings and fabulous multilevel gardens still remain. The property is line with 9' high mid-May blooming lilac bushes that grace every corner and path. Historic statuary and cast iron benches add a touch of decoration and purpose to the hillside yard. In addition, wonder woodland paths along the river and throughout the deep cool woods meander along rippling streams lined with huge, healthy plant life. Our visit afforded us with meeting an archeologist doing site-work back along one of the paths. We also viewed hundreds of smelts hopping ravenously in the river.

Visitors may visit the park off-season by parking at the entrance and walking around the gate. The short hike back to the waterfront property is well worth it.

Travel south on Route 236 out of South Berwick. After about 1/2-mile, turn right opposite the middle school on to Vine Street. (Look for the school because the street sign is rather hidden.) Go about one mile to the intersection of Vine Street and Old Fields Road. Turn right and watch for the Vaughan Woods entrance on the right.

The year-round vacation spot of the Southern Maine Coast Region experiences daytime winter temperatures above 18 degrees Fahrenheit (-8 Celsius). Similar to the Greater Portland and Mid Coast Regions, summer daytime temperatures average a pleasant 68 degrees (20 Celsius) or slightly above. The region receives an average of 40 - 44 inches (102 - 112 centimeters) of precipitation each year.

28 Oldfields Road
South Berwick, ME 03908

Phone: 207-384-5160

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