VIDEO: How to Save Money for a Vacation

How to Save Money for a Vacation

Everyone wants to take a vacation, but being able to fund the fun can be tough. At we have three easy tips on how to save money for your next vacation.

First, come up with a realistic cost estimate and savings goal. Create a detailed budget that includes everything from airfare and accommodations to airport parking and dog-sitting. Then, take that dollar estimate and divide it by the number of weeks until your departure. That's how much money you should save per week.

Next, find the money. And, no, we don't mean looking in the couch cushions. Look at your regular monthly expenses to see where you can nip and tuck. Saving $80 a week may just be a matter of brown-bagging your family's lunches, making coffee at home, or making other small adjustments to your spending. The lines between essential and non-essential items are often blurry, but there is typically ample opportunity to save on discretionary expenses.

Finally, set up a piggy bank. You can open a savings account linked to your checking account and make automatic deposits for the amount you've earmarked. Or, if you are more visual, simply vow to deposit all your coins and extra dollar bills in a jar. Get everyone in the family to contribute and it'll add up faster than you think!

So don't let money stop you from taking your next vacation. Start planning and saving today.


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