VIDEO: Escape the Cold

Escape the Cold

Winter can make some people feel blue, which means it's a much-needed time for an escape. At we've picked three travel activities that will help you survive the cold.

First, soak in the hot springs. Saratoga Springs, New York, is just south of the Adirondack Mountains and 40 minutes north of Albany. Besides horse racing, it is also known for its carbonated mineral springs. Hot springs have been linked to healing, so it's the perfect relaxation getaway. Plus, Saratoga Springs ties with San Francisco for the most restaurants per capita, so you certainly won't go hungry.

Second, take in the red rocks, the red rocks of Sedona, Arizona, that is. The fiery canyons and sunsets in the Southwest can reverse any gray day of winter. This area typically has much milder temperatures than the rest of the country, too, which makes it great for winter camping, hiking, or stargazing. And there are many national parks nearby to explore.

Finally, bask in some light therapy. The bright lights of Las Vegas might do the trick. Check out the shops, slots, spas, and restaurants that line the neon strip. While you're there, get tickets to a live show, ride a roller coaster, or watch the Bellagio water show. In Vegas, there's rarely a dull moment, and the colorful lights are certain to cheer anyone up.

So shake off the cold-weather blues and find yourself somewhere fun this winter season.


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