Top Ten Extreme Destinations

Some people push life to the limits, seeking out locations from the pages of Guinness World Records like they are a packing to-do list. These ten destinations represent the most extreme climates in the world and offer unparalleled stories once you land back on home turf.
By Jodi Helmer
Colombia rain
Heavy rains make for hard work in Lloro, Colombia (Dirk Huijssoon/Flickr)

Wettest: Lloro, Colombia
Even the best umbrella is no defense against the 523.9 inches, or more than 40 feet, of average rainfall that Lloro receives annually. Located on the Pacific coast of Colombia, Lloro has held the rainfall record for the past three decades.

Guinness World Records calls Cherrapunji, India, the wettest place in the world, though the average annual rainfall is 425.9 inches, far less than Lloro. But Cherrapunji does hold the title for the wettest month on record: In July 1861, 365.98 inches of rain drenched the small village.


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