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Terraced Vineyards, Sonoma, California
Terraced Vineyards, Sonoma, California  (iStockphoto)

6. Kunde
If you like to keep things in the family, look no further: Kunde is a required stop for you. With five generations keeping this vineyard alive, you’re sure to leave with the feeling that you are part of the gang. At its tasting room, Kunde provides three different tiers of wines, allowing everyone to enjoy the secret of what has kept them popular for so long.

7. Domaine Chandon
Ready to jazz it up a bit? Direct yourself to Domaine Chandon and get yourself a nice glass of bubbly. Champagne is typically paired with celebrations and joyous times, so gather your friends and toast to a great day or evening ahead. Not only are the grounds breathtaking, but you can also relax and enjoy the wine-inspired meals offered at étoile. Visiting Chandon is definitely an experience you won’t forget.

8. Chateau St. Jean
History buffs should sign up for an hour or two at Chateau St. Jean. Enter the winery, and you’ll feel like you’ve been transported to another time… the 1920’s to be exact. When you visit Chateau St. Jean, you will not only be able to taste some amazing wines and enjoy epic gardens, but you will also hear fascinating stories about the history of this vineyard.

9. Ilsley
With the history of this vineyard going back to the 1950’s, you’re guaranteed a great story to go with your wine. While looking out at the vineyards, you’ll also have the pleasure of learning about some tantalizing recipes that were specifically created to be paired with these amazing wines.

10. Frias
Looking for a laid-back, picnic-table type of tasting? Make your way to Frias. It’s a pretty good “hike” up to where the picnic tables are located, but totally worth the trek. Here you will not only hear stories about the vineyard, but you’ll also find yourself exchanging tales with everyone around you. When you leave Frias, you’re likely to find yourself leaving with not only a bottle of wine (or two) but also with some new friends.

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