The World's Most Expensive Hotel Rooms

Travel only in the most opulent of settings? Then this is the list for you. Here are the world's most expensive luxury hotel rooms.
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Presidential Suite swimming pool, Hotel de Principe da Savoia, Milan, Italy
Presidential Suite swimming pool, Hotel de Principe da Savoia, Milan, Italy  (Hotel de Principe da Savoia/Dorchester Collection)

Rack rate is the term used to describe a hotel’s posted nightly rates, and most travelers work hard to swing a better deal. Then there are those consumers who don't mind blowing $1,000 on a night’s stay. The payoff? Perks like 24/7 butler service, in-room pools, views to die for, and luxurious square footage. And the price ceiling on high-end luxury keeps going up. One hotel suite in Jaipur, India, slated to open in October 2014, will reputedly wrap its in-room spa in 24-karat-gold walls and floors. Here is a sampling of some of the most expensive hotel rooms around the world.

Presidential Suite, Hotel Principe Di Savoia
Milan, Italy
Afflicted with the trappings of money and fame, the movie-star protagonist of Sofia Coppola’s film Somewhere lands in the Presidential Suite in Milan’s Hotel Principe, a 1927 ode to elegant pomp. The plumped chairs and gilded furnishings in this 5,400-square-foot suite are largely lost on the poor soul, but he does make good use of the massive en-suite pool and hot tub. Nightly room rates start at €13,000 ($16,000).
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Royal Suite, Hotel Plaza Athenée
Paris, France
To those tempted by the finery on display in the Mandarin Oriental’s $20,000-a-night Royale Mandarin Suite just down the road, we say puh-leeze. In these stratospheric heights, only the priciest will do. The newly renovated Royal Suite in the Plaza Athenée offers the kind of palatial splendor that makes royals want to hang up a HOME SWEET HOME sign. The Royal Suite is 5,000 square feet of meticulously curated luxury. If you can take your eyes off the room candy—genuine Louis XV furniture and bathrooms swathed in gleaming Italian marble—the views aren’t bad either, including that sparkly bauble just outside the window known as the Eiffel Tower. Nightly room rates start at €20,000 ($25,600).

Royal Bridge Suite, Atlantis The Palm
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Dubai has a Texas-style affinity for big, bigger, and really big—and has price tags to match. For a long time, the top room in Dubai was the Royal Villa at the Burj Al Arab (practically a bargain at $7,000 a night), but that was before the Atlantis Resort’s Dubai franchise elbowed into the picture. The wow factor in the Atlantis Royal Bridge Suite is dialed to 11, with nearly 10,000 square feet of sumptuous space and sun terraces with 180-degree views of the Arabian Sea. Nightly room rates start at €20,000 ($25,600).
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Sky Villa, Palms Casino Resort
Las Vegas, Nevada
Come all ye high-rolling bachelors to the swinging two-story Sky Villa in the Palms Casino Resort. This is no sanctuary of sedate, serene luxury. It’s Vegas on hedge-fund helium, an instant-party space that can hold up to 250 people and keep them amused with a media room, fitness center, and a revolving bed. Gilding the lily are outdoor terraces overlooking the glittering Vegas Strip. Nightly weekend room rates start at $35,000 ($20,000 on weekdays).
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Published: 12 Dec 2012 | Last Updated: 24 Jan 2013
Details mentioned in this article were accurate at the time of publication
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