Eat, Drink, and Be Merry: Top Holiday Getaways for a Foodie

The holidays are a good time for catching up with family, traveling, or just getting a break from work. But they are also a good time to eat, a lot. Here are our top holiday getaways for the foodie.
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Christmas in the French Quarter, New Orleans, Louisiana
Christmas in the French Quarter, New Orleans, Louisiana  (New Orleans CVB)

You can find a slew of excuses to celebrate the end of the year: Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Hanukkah, Christmas, Kwanza, New Years, or just the end of Q4. Many people devote the holidays to visiting with friends and family or to slipping away from the hustle and bustle for some R&R. But this time is also known for eating. And lots of it. Turkey, hams, pies, pumpkins, stuffing, latkes, candy canes, chocolates... you name it, and it's being consumed. So whether you're traveling far or near, here are the top towns to get your eat-on over the holidays.

New Orleans, Louisiana
There are few places in the world that take food more seriously than New Orleans. Reaching to their strong French heritage, families and restaurants in “The Big Easy” have reincarnated a Creole custom called Reveillon, a multi-course meal that was originally served after midnight mass on Christmas Eve. Many restaurants have a diverse holiday menu, from foie gras to shrimp remoulade to turkey with chestnuts, and finish the courses with desserts like bread pudding or pumpkin cheesecake. Reserve some time to hear the caroling at St. Louis Cathedral, then get back on the food train at a jazz or gospel brunch in the French Quarter and see free cooking demonstrations by top chefs.

Bar Harbor, Maine
Peek out of the window of your bed and breakfast to watch snowflakes fall through the twinkling glow of a lighthouse. That’s the kind of enchanting holiday experience visitors have in Maine. Festivals, sleigh rides, and shopping can easily fill your day, but to fill that grumbling belly, Maine lobster is a must! According to the Maine Lobster Council, most lobsters are caught between late June and late December, so skip down to the docks and watch the fishermen bring in their pots full of these fresh crustaceans. Then find a local chef or a DIY recipe to cook up this prized seafood. Maine’s natural beauty, delicious food, and great camaraderie earned it top honors from as a quintessential destination for a getaway.

Published: 9 Nov 2012 | Last Updated: 14 Nov 2012
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